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Business technology for the protection of metal
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BPM-Technologies, OOO  is a production and engineering company. Its specialization is manufacturing of hot-dip galvanizing equipment, units, sites, modules, lines and factories. The company’s production takes into account the state-of-edge global designs of Italian developers and engineering companies in hot dip galvanizing technology and is built so that it provides a high speed of execution of any orders, high quality and reliability of the products.
The technical professionals of the company have extensive experience in designing and engineering and practical knowledge of chemical processes and metallurgy, we have optimized foreign proposals and manufactured our own in-house analogous equipment: hot-dip galvanizing lines that are three times as cost effective as those manufactured by European, Chinese, and US manufacturers with the same productivity.
Currently, we are the only company in the Russian Federation and the CIS that manufactures directly all the necessary equipment for hot-dip galvanizing lines. It is compliant with the quality certificates according to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.
Processing lines for metal protection which we design are:
Galvanization: Hot/ cold/ zinc plating/ thermo diffusion zinc coating/gas-thermal. Chrome-plating. Cadmium coating. Copper coating. Polymer coating. Painting. Aluminizing. Nickel-plating. Tinning and sheathing.
The company plans to start to apply more than 115 standard designs and the scheduled introduction thereof will be made on a stage-by-stage basis during 3 to 5 years.
Due to options of technology, BPM-Technologies is able to satisfy all the requirements both of the domestic and foreign markets using advanced and standard technologies in the options in terms of the overall dimensions of work pieces processed and in terms of productivity both for SMB and big business.




Goal of the Company: construction of plants and installation of hot-dip galvanizing lines in cities with a population of more than 100,000 people, using standard technologies.


Mission of the Company: availability of hot-dip galvanizing services to SMB in the closest vicinity of HGP and HGL.


Economic effect: No subsequent expenses in the maintenance of the metal frameworks in all the new facilities to be built, prolonged service life of the metal frameworks, reduced expenses for logistics, a competitive price of the manufactured products.


Hot-dip galvanizing line – LGTS


Hot-dip galvanizing line – LGTS


Advantages of the production lines from BPM Technologies:




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